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AIX & VIO Online Access
Are you just learning Unix Technologies theoretically ?
Or Do you need a server to practice ?
Yes, we have the solution. We brought to you a facility for live server access. With this you can access our servers from anywhere in the world just using your PC and practice.
You can practice on our servers and enrich your skills and to get ready for a job.
We offer Online Server Access for below technologies:
PowerHA (HACMP).
Why NRXTech for AIX Server Access?
1. One day demo AIX Server Access Free
2. Money back guarantee if not satisfied with our server access if you report us within 3 days.
3. Nobody else is giving access for 24*7 with our prices.
4. 24 X 7 Server availability that could be accessed at your own convenient time and place.
5. 24 X 7 Technical and Basis support to resolve any issues encountered by the users.
6. Dedicated Access
7. Sharing Access
8. On Demand Access
9. All our servers are integrated and you can perform all sorts of migration, transports etc…
10. For maintenance we are taking few hours in every month.
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