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IBM-AIX 6.1/7.1 Administration
VIO-LPAR Admininstration
Hadoop Administration
HACMP(Power HA)Admin
VIO-LPAR & HACMP Admin Combo
AIX-VIO& HACMP Admin Combo
Linux Administration
Solaris Administration
Shell Scripting
Perl Scripting
Python Scripting
Server Access
IBM-AIX 7.1v,LPAR –VIO & PowerHA Administration
Phase -I
UNIX Basics
Introduction IBM pservers & AIX
System startup and shutdown
SMIT and using SMIT
Devices & ODM
Logical Volume Manager
Working with LVM
AIX Filesystems Management
Paging Space
Security & User Administration
Backup and Restore
AIX 7v installations
AIX software installation and maintenance
Network Filesystems NFS & CIFS
Tools for SysAdmins
Performance Tuning
Problem Determination & Monitoring Tools
AIX & Storage
Phase -II
Introduction to Partitioning
Hardware Management Console (HMC)
IVE (Integrated Virtual Ethernet Adapter)
LPAR Creation & installation
LPAR & Managed System Maintenance
DLPAR Operations (Dynamic Resource Allocation)
Processors Concepts
Virtual I/O (VIO)
Dual VIO
VIO Installations
Phase -III
Introduction to HACMP for AIX
Networking Considerations for High Availability
Shared storage considerations for high availability
Planning for applications and resource groups
HACMP Installation
Initial Cluster Configuration
Basic HACMP administration
Integrating NFS into HACMP
Problem Determination and recovery
Resume Preparation & Placement Assistance
ITIL standards Discussion
Resume Preparations & Placement Assistance
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