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Welcome To NRXTECH
Vision and Mission
About NRX Technologies
NRXTech – is the brief form of “New Raise UNIX Technologies” is an IT training and consulting company based in Hyderabad, India. At NRXTech, we are excelled to provide training solutions that would elevate the skill sets & knowledge spectrum of the participants.

Started by team of young and dynamic professionals having vast real time experience in the IT Industry, NRXTech provides the best possible training in all Unix Technologies especially IBM AIX administration and its associated modules like LPAR, VIO, PowerHa along with Solaris and Scripting. In addition we have the expertise to impart customized training in all in upcoming new UNIX technologies.

By utilizing our IT training, you can save your time, money, eliminate classroom related costs and material expenses, minimize loss of productivity, ensure higher learning scope.

NRXTech has been providing Unix Administration Online Training in propound technologies like IBM-AIX 6.1/7.1v Administration, LPAR ,VIO,PowerHA along with Solaris and Scripting since 2009. Our practical hands-on workshops and Case Study based training provide our students with the skills they require to meet today’s greatest business challenges.

IBM-AIX is a VERY HOT SKILL and is expected to only get HOTTER in the future. Good consultants command excellent salaries and employment terms. If you are thinking of making the jump or if you have already decided that Unix/AIX Administration is the career for you, and then this is the right time to join this exciting and growing field.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which technology is most suitable to you, based on your experience and background.

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