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Corporate Training
We provide UNIX Administration training in all Functional and Technical modules at our State-of-the-Art locations and at corporate facilities. We develop and customize training courses for all corporate training needs for IT managers, IT staff and End Users. With our experienced faculty and with our proven course development process, we can create an effective curriculum and can fulfill all your corporate UNIX Administration training requirements.

Training Methods:
We understand our clients have different training needs, therefore, we provide flexibility in our delivery methods. Classroom training can be standard and many of the features of E-Learning can be tailored and customized to your corporate UNIX Administration modules training needs.

Some of the most popular training methods we provide:
Class Room Training at our State-of-the-Art facilities
On-Site Classes at your locations
Instructor-led E-Learning

We can personalize a learning solution to meet your company’s specific learning needs. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of the delivered training, while minimizing costs. Factors we consider creating Your individual learning solution includes:
Number of people requires training at one time
Existing skill set of trainees
Location of trainees – local, remote or mixed
Flexibility of training schedules
Our Faculty:
Our Faculty with an average of 10+ years of industry and training experience and with our proven course development process; we can create an effective curriculum and can fulfill all your corporate training quirements.

Customized Training Solutions:
We develop and customize training courses for all corporate training needs for IT managers, IT staff and End Users. We fully understand each client’s training requirements and desired outcomes. We do this systematically with a focus on consistency, relevancy and completeness and develop an effective customized learning curriculum to meet all your training requirements. We work with your company to create curriculum in order to ensure that the learning solution we provide can specifically addresses the needs of your training needs of your Organization.
Additional Courses for Corporate
As a total UNIX Administration solutions provider, we also provide training for UNIX Administration courses for corporate in addition to the courses indicated on the Home Page. These courses include industry specific courses such as IBM 6.1v administration.

Training Development Tools
Organizations in today’s knowledge based economy and complex business environment are facing several challenges to maximize their workforce performance. Increasingly complex and diverse enterprise applications required broad implementations and training solutions. To address these challenges, our experienced instructors and subject matter experts can work with leading learning tools such as uPerform and Captivate to create effective training solutions to train your workforce and also to pass knowledge to new workers.

Return on Investment (ROI) and your Employee Productivity
Our training options are designed to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) on your training investment through effective and appropriate training and we can always work with you within your training budget.

Please call us or send us a message so that our IT training counselor can contact you or meet with you at your facilities to discuss and provide complete solutions to all your IT training needs.

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