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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Why take an online course ?
Distance education is perfect for the adult learner; learning occurs at your own pace, place and time. Online coursework can better meet your needs if your schedule or location makes it difficult to come to campus.
How does it work ?
For most online courses, NRXTech uses a course delivery system called WebEx & GotoMeeting. Courses are accessed by connecting to the internet. Each course has a designated start and end date. Lessons are posted by the course instructor each week. Students select the week’s lesson and work on the assignments. Assignments, whole class and small group discussions are conducted using an internet-based discussion tool. Online course participants are expected to contribute to discussions two to three times each week. Students may log on to the course anytime during day or night. We ask students to plan adequate time for studying and interacting with the course site. Expect to spend at least 10 hrs per week.
Is online learning right for me ?
Successful online learners are self-motivated, responsible, and able to manage their time well.
What computer skills do I need ?
Our courses are user-friendly. Students should be successful if they have basic computer skills, including working with Basic Programming in a Windows system environment, navigating the internet using a standard browser, and familiarity with standard email and word-processing programs.
What are the technology requirements ? Supported Desktop Operating Systems
The Helpdesk will provide basic troubleshooting and diagnostic support for anyone experiencing problems connecting with the WebEx/GotoMeeting who is running one of the following supported desktop operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7,XP, 2003,linux or MAC.
Minimum Software Requirements
Operating System Updates and Security Patches If you are running a Microsoft desktop operating system, it must have the latest available service pack installed and be up-to-date on all security patches released by Microsoft through Windows Update. Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall Software
Windows - Based Machine
800 MHz or better AMD/Intel Pentium Class Processor
1 GB of System RAM
Mouse/Trackball (desktop systems only)
Keyboard (desktop systems only)
A supported Microsoft Desktop Operating System
Please keep in mind that the system configurations noted above are the minimum system requirements expected to be viable for the current academic school year only and are meant as a guide to those bringing an existing system to Nrxtech. If you are planning on purchasing a new system, please review the ‘Ideal System Recommendations’ section for configurations expected to be viable for the next 4 consecutive academic school years.
How do I find the right course?
All students can search for classes in our website. Select the appropriate program and can register there by filling the form.
How do I register ?
You may register using the form found in our site , Ofcourse you can also mail us to info@nrxtech.com
How are course materials delivered ?
Most course materials are delivered online through the course website. In some cases, a separate course packet or video may be mailed to your address by program staff.
How do I buy textbooks ?
If a textbook is required, the instructor will provide instructions about how to purchase it.
How do I communicate with the instructor, program staff, and other students?
Most communication before and during the course will take place by email.
How do I find and log on to the course?
Before the course start date, program staff will send detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for finding and accessing the course. These will include the course website address, and username & password information.
How do I find my way around inside the course?
Marks online course software is easy to use. Course functions are organized intuitively; tools are arranged in an easy-to-use button interface.
How do I get help?
There are a number of resources you can access for help. For help with WebEx/GotoMeeting, Corporate Training and E-learning courses, contact NRXTech Helpdesk at US: +1-567-248-4699 & IN :+91-8810 700 800

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