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IBM-AIX 6.1/7.1 Administration
VIO-LPAR Admininstration
Hadoop Administration
HACMP(Power HA)Admin
VIO-LPAR & HACMP Admin Combo
AIX-VIO& HACMP Admin Combo
Linux Administration
Solaris Administration
Shell Scripting
Perl Scripting
Python Scripting
Server Access
IBM-AIX 7.1v + VIO-LPAR Administration
Phase I ~AIX Administration
UNIX Basics
Introduction IBM pservers & AIX
System startup and shutdown
SMIT and using SMIT
Devices & ODM
Logical Volume Manager
Working with LVM
AIX Filesystems Management
Paging Space
Security & User Administration
Backup and Restore
AIX 7v installations
AIX software installation and maintenance
Network Filesystems NFS & CIFS
Tools for SysAdmins
Performance Tuning
Problem Determination & Monitoring Tools
AIX & Storage
Phase -II ~ Virtualisation
Introduction to Partitioning
Hardware Management Console (HMC)
IVE (Integrated Virtual Ethernet Adapter)
LPAR Creation & installation
LPAR & Managed System Maintenance
DLPAR Operations (Dynamic Resource Allocation)
Processors Concepts
Virtual I/O (VIO)
Dual VIO
VIO Installations
ITIL standards Discussion
Resume Preparations & Placement Assistance
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