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Welcome To NRXTECH
Vision and Mission
Welcome To NRXTECH
NRXTech is a leading Training and Consulting Company in Unix Administration to be more specific /IBM-AIX administration. NRXTech is headquartered in India with our Training Center conveniently situated in Hyderabad.

NRXTech is proud to be one of the first providers of virtual online training (Instructor Led) and e-learning tutorials in India in Unix Administration. We are flexible and offer some of the best value consultancy on the market. We offer customized personal and corporate training and consultancy.

At NRXTech Online Training, We are dedicated to your success and achievement of your vision. With every client, NRXTech value proposition is to apply best practices in reducing operational and training costs while extending the value of your IBM-AIX knowledge and skills.

With NRXTech Online IBM-AIX Admin Training, you have the partner who understands the business aspects of best-of-breed training and how to help organizations and individuals to achieve world-class IBM-AIX Admin Training performance levels.

Plan for your IBM-AIX Administration courses and learn on your own pace:
We have a calendar of courses that you can visit and choose your classes.

If you are beginner in IBM-AIX,
we recommend you first do the Class of IBM-AIX Administration which includes UNIX basics, later you can go for advanced topics like Virtualization (VIO & LPAR) and PowerHA (HACMP). You can see the course levels and plan for your course. You can also contact us to help you define your course plan to optimize your learning process and faster your IBM-AIX Administration skill formation.
If you are a IBM-AIX Admin
and would like to deepen your skills in your area, you can request your customized course content and choose your next class. You can register to your class using the registration form. If you would like to learn new IBM-AIX Virtualization modules and process, you can skip the IBM-AIX 6.1/7.1v Administration and g directly to the core modules to schedule your class.
You can plan your class according the course plan. You can as well define your own schedule and work according your own pace.

If you are an employer
and want to plan a training for your employees. You can register filling our form. One of our associate will contact you and give you more details about the on-site training. We can provide online training and mixed training (online and onsite training) to your employees and business associates.

The training goes beyond the IBM-AIX configuration to the Business Process as well.
If you are a recruiter
and would like placement assistance to your customer, fill out the registration form. one of our consultants will be in contact soon with you to help you to assist you for your needs.
NRXTech Online Training is your trusted partner for your online, onsite and mixed IBM-AIX Admin Training & Placement needs.