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Welcome To NRXTECH
Vision and Mission
NRXTech, a proven leader with vast experience and rich background in the domain of professional IT training services. The NRXTech portal is dedicated to training individuals and corporate in IT Courses and provides well-prepared documentation and training modules with highly interactive online training sessions. Our LIVE projects training programs and credible certifications backed by expert HELPDESK has benefited many students to learn, master, get certified and eventually land up with jobs that have created excellent breakthrough in their careers.

Our web-based online training in major IT Courses give you the convenience of just Sitting in front of the system and learning without having to travel or relocate anywhere else during the training program. In addition, you can practice on REAL-TIME projects which our experienced instructors provide you.

NRXTech has access to a faculty of highly qualified and certified consultants to deliver its e-courses. These instructors are not just academicians, but specialists who are actively involved in consulting to businesses in their respective fields. We understand each individual student and we'll train him/her according to the requirements which are above par in the market. We will monitor each and every individual’s growth even after the training.

We offer free 24*7 Server online server access to our students throughout course for IBM-AIX 6.1v/7.1,VIO & PowerHA (HACMP), which we proud to say nobody else is providing in the market.

Some of the reasons why you should consider taking Interactive Online Training IT Courses with NRXTech are listed below:
Choice -
We cater for all age groups and needs. You also have a choice of selecting any IT & Data warehouse specialization from a range of courses we offer
Flexibility -
You get the convenience of learning anytime/anyplace with all levels/durations of training

Pricing -
The fee structure we offer is perhaps the most affordable one in the market. You have the option of paying either in full or installments
Domain Expertise –
We have a substantial pool of specialized trainers who are apt to train for all Data warehouse application, programming and consulting situations.
Infrastructure –
Our facilities include a resourceful library of subject-specific reading material full time access to lab exercises & practice sessions
Customized-Training Methodology –
Our training is conducted in view of the learner’s framework and domain/knowledge levels.
Support –
Corporate organizations benefit through the total support we offer via follow-up training, assessment tests etc to give complete ROI on employee training programs.